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 About Us_ 

AESCO's Mission 

[ Collaboration of End Users and Suppliers ]


Our customers most valued commodity is their time.  In a very fast paced world we feel that the easier a purchase or project delivery is for our customers, the more likely we will maintain their business.

Our Suppliers we represent and distribute for in Atlantic Canada are in a similar position. They want to be provided the right opportunities, with the right market information, to allow focus on areas where they can be successful. 

We develop processes to ensure we are constantly improving our ability to deliver on these goals.  We have a very strong balance as a customer support and supplier support organization.


AESCO was founded by Lloyd MacLeod in 1993.  After 15 years in the electrical sales industry in Atlantic Canada, with a focus on transformers, Lloyd decided to open this agency as a representative for manufacturers of various electrical equipment but always kept a focus on Transformers.   Now 25 years later AESCO has established partnerships with manufacturers that date back 20 years.  We have grown as a business and supplied products from all over the world to not just our utilities, but also our hospitals, airports, seaports, schools, and various industrial plants.    

We do not carry a lot of product lines.   We focus on what we know, and manufacturers who we know can provide our customers quality products.  AESCO is not an "order pass through" organization. We manage our projects from the first request through post sales support. AESCO's success has been built on relationships, which have been due to completion successful projects.

AESCO is currently managed by Lloyd's son Brad MacLeod, while Lloyd continues to consult. AESCO currently has associates covering Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.


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